Indoor Theme Park

Kiddie Boat

Strap on your leather helmet. Pull down your goggles and prepare for the ride of your life. Enjoy the breath – taking view from this classic boats. Sometimes where you’re going doesn’t matter; it is how you get there! We guarantee once you’ve finished this ride you’ll share your experience with all your adventurous friends.


The classic swing ride guarantees shrieks of delight. As close as it gets to rocking the stormy seas!.

Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel is great fun for kids of all ages! Modeled after the very first Ferris wheel, it provides unparalleled views of the GITP.


The Fantasy Carousel springs to life as you freely glide and music fills the air with the wind in your hair! So much fun, it will easily become a “favorite ride” for many of your guests.


A ride in train through the land of dinosaurs .

Drop Tower

This is a free fall attraction. Twenty passengers are gathered into groups of four to board one of the five gondolas. Once strapped in, the gondolas slowly ascend the base of the tower. All of a sudden a transition in speed takes place as the gondola quickly picks up the pace to reach the 230ft pinnacle. Once at the top, a person will not have too much time to get used to the view as the pulley

disengages and the gondolas free-fall back to earth providing four seconds of pure airtime, one for each checkerboard pattern on the tower.

Dark Ride

Themed mono-rail ride featuring horror scenes – scares the wits out of you. Suggested to experience this ride with your friends and family.

Bumper Cars

Bumper cars provide for a very safe and fun ride. They do not get stuck in the corners and the excitement with every bump and turns with your friends while driving is full of fun!

Flume Ride

Log flume rides are one of the most popular and recognizable amusement park attractions. They have become an essential component for most amusement parks because they are a familiar aquatic thrill ride that continues to entice new riders. Unlike many other exciting thrill rides, there was actually a historic purpose behind log flumes. They were originally constructed for the special purpose of safely transporting logs and lumber downward from the steep, rugged terrain of the mountains. The logs and lumber were transported down the mountain by a flow of water to a sawmill. These days, the term is more frequently used to describe this popular ride which uses a water flume and artificial hollow logs. Thrill seekers sit in the logs and get driven along the flume by the force of flowing water. Typically, the ride reaches its exciting climax with a speedy descent down a steep part of the flume, which usually stops after splashing down to the water. The ride uses the water to add a sense of exhilaration, and also to cool off passengers during a hot day at the amusement park. Certain seats in the flume usually receive more water than others, yet the anticipation comes from never knowing exactly where the water will splash.

Roller Coaster

Welcome to the death defying Roller Coaster! The whole stretch covers the entire Gondolania Theme Park. For going around the indoor theme park in a zap – ride the roller coaster. It is the most popular ride in Gondolania with it’s unique sound and light show, which is synchronized with the ride. A sequence of different sound and light shows will take place during the three-minute ride, creating a spectacular ambience throughout the park. This is the first time in the region a show of this caliber has ever been attempted by any theme park.

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